Derwent House (at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital)
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Northside Clinic (Greenwich)
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Wesley Private Hospital (Ashfield)
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The Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders
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A Hunger Artist: Winning the Battle Against Anorexia.
A Hunger Artist explores what it’s like to have anorexia nervosa and to recover from it, emphasising in particular the powerful interconnections between the sufferer’s physical and psychological states. The blog discusses recent directions in clinical research on eating disorders, analyses some of the paradoxes and vicious circles that characterise this dangerous mental and physical illness, and connects eating disorders with current sociocultural trends and with personal factors like relationships, work/study, and sport.

When Weight Matters
If you suffer from weight or self-esteem related issues, I strongly recommend Ginette Lenham. Ginette is a highly qualified and experienced counsellor with a Bachelor of Applied Social Science and has worked as a therapist, co facilitator and facilitator of groups on self-esteem, behavioural change, mood disorders, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and weight loss support groups. She has extensive experience in the health and fitness industry supporting, mentoring and coaching people through their weight management journey. She specialises in teaching people how to lose weight through enjoyment of eating rather than through conventional methods of dieting which often involves unhealthy and unsustainable eating practices

Jaime Rose Nutrition
If you are in need of a help with your nutrition, I highly recommend Jaime Rose Fronzek. Jaime is a privately practising Dietitian and Nutritionist in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs who has a passion for food and it’s effect on our health. Jaime treats patients with issues ranging from food intolerances, cancer, diabetes to eating disorders.